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Beaphar Active Foam Probio 500ml

Brand :- Beaphar

Product Code :- CGS18
Weight :- 500ml
Expiry Date :- Sep-23
Batch :- 3091

₹ 891(₹ 990)(10% Off)

in stock
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With the microbiological Beaphar active foam, you can effectively remove impurities in the pet environment (e.g. urine, feces, blood or vomit) in an environmentally friendly way. With the help of biological microorganisms, the active foam quickly breaks down organic dirt and odors and forms a layer of useful probiotic substances. These microorganisms even have an effect on future contamination and thus keep carpets, furniture and other surfaces fresh and clean in the long term. The natural microbiome (totality of all microorganisms in a certain environment) is preserved. Reliable cleaning in the pet environment Gentle, natural removal of stains and odors With natural microorganisms With a lasting long-term effect Safe for humans and animals Preserves the natural microbiome

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