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  • Drools Cat Ocean Fish 3kg + 1.2kg Off

Drools Cat Ocean Fish 3kg + 1.2kg Off

Brand :- Drools

Product Code :- CGS62
Weight :- 3kg+1.2kg
Expiry Date :- Dec-22
Batch :- 1120

₹ 765(₹ 850)(10% Off)

in stock
Authentic Product Guaranteed
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Drools Cat Adult Ocean Fish dry cat food is made from real ocean fish bits. Your cat needs some enriched vitamins and fatty acids in its diet to preserve its natural coat and health. Ocean fish are a rich source of protein, natural fatty acids and Omega 3 which are important for the preservation of a lustrous skin. Amino acids fortify the food, which is important for preserving a lustrous coat and general health. Ocean Fish Pack is also a rich source of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acid, a significant ingredient in all fish products. Fish is a rich source of fatty acids from Omega 3 and has extremely healthy fats. Amino acid helps reinforce the cat's vision and reduces the chances of any heart damage suffered in adult cats.

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