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  • Drools Kitten Ocean Fish 3kg + 1.2kg Off

Drools Kitten Ocean Fish 3kg + 1.2kg Off

Brand :- Drools

Product Code :- CGS63
Weight :- 3kg + 1.2kg
Expiry Date :- Dec-22
Batch :- 121

₹ 720(₹ 800)(10% Off)

in stock
Authentic Product Guaranteed
100% Safe And Secure Payment
Drools Kitten Ocean Fish Food is a full, healthy cat meal. Cats are fussy & cautious eaters and very peculiar about their nutritional requirements. It is prepared with authentic tasty ocean fish of high quality, Drools ocean fish cat food delivers ideal protein and energy along with vital nutrients to keep your cat healthy and active. It has omega 6 and 3 fatty acids helping to support immunity and skin & coat. This cat food enriched with prebiotics & probiotics defends against the creation of a hairball and promotes the protection of digestive tracts.

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