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  • Vitapol Economic Food for Rabbit 1200gm

Vitapol Economic Food For Rabbit 1200gm

Brand :- Vitapol

Product Code :- CGS83
Weight :- 1200gm
Expiry Date :- Dec-25
Batch :- zvp1026

₹ 414(₹ 460)(10% Off)

in stock
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Consisting of good quality, long fibrous meadow hay in the form of pellets, Vitapols' Economic Food for Rabbit is high in nutritional value with its fair share of cereals and vegetables. Promoting positive foraging behaviours, this mixture of beetroots, carrots, dried apple and pea flakes not only helps support good dental health, but also maintains a clean digestive tract removing any kind of residual hair ensuring a healthy rabbit at any age. After all, a healthy bunny is a happy bunny! FEATURES: -- Contribution of high fiber ensures proper functioning of the digestive tract -- Enriched with pellets of high-quality meadow hay (20%) -- Effectively rubs rabbit teeth properly taking care of their appearance and removes residual hair in the digestive tract -- Vegetables like beets and carrots provide a variety of natural vitamins and minerals -- Red beet root is a source of Vitamins B, PP, A, C and affects the body's resistance while increasing the number of red blood cells -- Small share of dried apple contributes to improving digestion while providing a number of vitamins and minerals, including potassium -- Maintains ideal weight of rabbits -- Contains extra natural fiber for better intestinal peristalsis SPECIFICATIONS: Weight ?1.2 Kgs Suitable for ?Rabbits INGREDIENTS: Grass meal, cereal products & middling?, sunflower extracted meal, alfalfa meal, wheat, barley, corn, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated beetroot, wheat flakes, corn flour, flax seed, beet pulp, dehydrated apple, pea flakes, oats, dried yeast and dehydrated carrot flour.

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