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  • Basil Fresh Breath 360 Dental Chew for Dogs 90gm

Basil Fresh Breath 360 Dental Chew For Dogs 90gm

Brand :- Basil

Product Code :- CGS15
Weight :- 90gm
Expiry Date :- Dec-30

₹ 180(₹ 200)(10% Off)

in stock
Authentic Product Guaranteed
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Basil Fresh Breath 360 Dental Chews are dental bone treats with soft cleaning particles. This innovative product is flexible in nature and lasts longer than regular dental treats. The unique refreshing ingredients could effectively remove toxins and improve digestion. With parsley oil, the chews help in refreshing the breath of your pet by fighting odor producing bacteria. Working like a chewing gum, these treats move up and down with the jaw as the dog chews on it. Their bristle-like design and hollow ends could more effectively get into teeth gap for all-around teeth cleaning. As the name suggests, this product offers a 360 degree cleaning. Resulting in a clean and fresh smelling mouth these treats also help in keeping tooth decay and other dental issues away. A win-win treats for pets and pet parents!

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